Top Tips for a Perfect Wedding Reception

Everyone dreams of having a perfect marriage day and therefore strives to plan it in the best and an efficient manner. But sometimes, the wedding day does not always come up to the level of perfection. It can become somewhat stressful for the organizer while making sure that everything occurs without any problems. There are assortments of wedding decorations that need to be in place on time for the marriage day.

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Wedding Planning

When you decide not to hire a professional wedding planner and then do all your wedding shopping yourself, Here are a few tips that can be very helpful while planning your very own wedding reception.

Start your wedding shopping early. Put as many of the arrangements in place the day before the wedding reception as you can. This can include things such as leaving your change of clothing and the wedding reception decorations at the bridal reception venue. While you are there, you can also take the opportunity to chat with any staff who are going to be on duty during your reception so that you are sure they know what you need them to do.

If your cake isn’t being delivered to the venue by the wedding cake supplier, pick this up at least the day before the wedding. Check if it needs proper overnight storage when you first book the cake and ensure that you have this available before collecting it.

Plan to have all your wedding reception decorations deliverable to the reception location as early as possible. Keep in mind that any fresh floral arrangements should arrive on the morning of your wedding. Make sure that you let the location staffs know to expect the flowers and where they should place the items.

Involve your family members and friends. You should have at least one person who is helping you with the wedding shopping. Get her to help in ensuring the wedding reception venue arrangements are taken care of. This shouldn’t be one of your bridal party; you need to know that your bridesmaids are where they’re supposed to be and not chasing down missing tableware or polishing glassware so that it sparkles instead of being slightly dusty from being in a box.

Appoint someone to be responsible for ensuring everyone has transportation from your wedding venue to your wedding reception sites. Unless you have your ceremony at the same venue as the reception, you will always find there is someone who turns up and doesn’t have a ride to the reception. Make sure that you have someone who can coordinate travel for those who don’t have their transport on the day.

Have someone responsible for keeping the kids entertained at the wedding reception. Weddings are family affairs, but some children do have an attention span problem when it comes to speeches. Don’t forget the kids when you do your wedding shopping. Equip them with some coloring books/crayons to keep the younger guests happy. Have one of your bridesmaids assigned to spot any potential problems as you don’t want them to be messing around with the wedding reception decorations too!

Wedding Planning: What Should I Plan For?

Every little girl dreams of her wedding, but dreaming and wedding planning are too different things. Making your dream a reality doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With a few simple tips and a lot of planning, you can have the wedding of your dreams.

There are basically four decisions you have to make before anything else can be planned.

  • Style
  • Reception
  • Budget
  • Season
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Wedding Planning


The first decision you must make is what style you want for your wedding, a formal or informal wedding. This decision will help you decide on everything from the wedding invitations to what the attendants will wear. Remember to keep the same level of formality throughout the whole wedding process. You don’t want to send out formal invitations and then have your attendants dressed informally.


Once you decide on the style of your wedding, the next step is what you want in a reception. Deciding where it will be held is the first step, either indoors or outdoors. Once you have decided where it will be held you must decide what type of reception you want. There are buffet style receptions or more elegant cocktail receptions on the terrace. Are your guests going to enjoy dancing and a five-course dinner or croquet on the lawn and a barbecue?

“Wedding planning is stressful enough.”


Next, is setting your budget. In order to set your, budget you need a general idea of how many guests will be at the wedding. Have a target amount that you want to spend. If you find yourself going over you can always adjust down the road. Make sure you set aside a reasonable amount for the number of guests you’re inviting. Wedding planning is stressful enough.


The last decision to be made before you can really start your wedding planning is the time of year. If you’re dreaming of a beautiful garden filled with flowers or a candlelight ceremony with the bridesmaids in red velvet then you have to choose the right time of year. You can’t have your bridesmaids in red velvet in the middle of the summer.

Just Remember you don’t have to make all the decisions yourself. Allow family and friends to help as much as possible with the decisions. If you’re unsure where to start have some friends over for a wedding planning party. There won’t be a lack of ideas, the hard part will be choosing the ones you like best. Now that you have made the four basic decisions about your wedding planning you can take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back┬ábecause this in only the beginning.